Formal Aspects of Computing - The International Journal of Formal Methods

Published by Springer - Editor-in-chief: Cliff Jones - Associate Editor: John Cooke

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A complete bibliography of papers published since the journal's launch in 1989 is available in alphabetical order, or in order of publication or as a Bibtex source file.

If you would like to submit a paper to the journal in LaTeX format, you should use this LaTeX style file and consult the style guide.

Further information can be found in the Instructions for Authors which appear in each issue of Formal Aspects of Computing.

Recent Editorial Comments

Forthcoming events related to formal methods.

Pointers to information related to papers that have already appeared in
the journal (corrections, further work based on the original paper etc).

There is now an electronic supplement contaning full-length versions of papers which have appeared as shorter summary papers in the printed journal.

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